Energy Healing

Understanding Energy – Levels of Vibrational Frequency

The first thing that you need to understand about yourself is that you have a stream of energy that flows through your body and into the space around you, it is not contained by your skin. Some people call this Ki, Chi, Prana or simply just energy. If you’ve ever been in a room with someone that was really happy, sad or mad, most likely you could feel the strength of their feelings – you were picking up on their energy.
Much like electricity runs through the walls of our house, energy runs through our body in channels called meridians. If you’ve ever had acupuncture before, your meridians are the energy channels that they use. Another way to think of meridians is to imagine them like veins. While we have veins that carry blood through our entire body, meridians are energy “veins” that carry energy through our body.
It is important to understand this energy in our body because the frequencies of energy can shift from high to low and everything in between. Think of this much like when you change the station on the radio. This allows you to pick up a different frequency that allows you to listen to different radio stations, which play completely different genres of music. Our bodies have an entire scale of different vibrational frequencies and we are actually capable of “changing the station” whenever we would like. When we live in a state of unawareness, these stations change on their own and we often feel like these shifts are out of our control. However, we can actually learn to become aware and control which frequency is playing.
Each vibrational frequency that we feel in our body matches a different emotion. Different emotions have different vibrational frequencies. Emotions such as shame, guilt and fear have really low vibrational frequencies – much like if you hit a low note key or note on the piano and that tone makes a deep sound. Think about how you feel when you hear deep sounds, you can feel the heaviness of them. These emotions can feel literally heavy on our body. Very commonly we don’t know what to do with our negative emotions, so instead of identifying them and allowing ourselves to process them, we have a tendency to stuff them away. This is how we create “trapped emotions” which results in trapped negative energy in our bodies. This trapped energy will actually block our meridians and can keep energy from flowing through our body properly. Over time, these heavy emotions can make our physical body ill. This type of trapped negative energy can potentially cause symptoms of illness and pain. Trapped negative energy is also suspected to be a large contributor to chronic illness.
However on the opposite side of the spectrum, we have positive emotions that have a high vibrational frequency. These positive emotions have healing properties and literally raise the vibrational frequency of our energy field and our body. These are emotions such as peace, joy and love.
I have included this chart  so that you can see the range of vibrational frequencies and where the emotions fit on the chart. I hope this helps you get a base understanding of how your mindset affects your emotions which in turn affects your energy and the health of your entire body.
The goal is to raise your body’s vibrational frequency by shifting your mindset. For most people, a normal state of emotions is in the orange and red section of the chart. I will be teaching you tips and exercises to increase your positive feelings about yourself and your life. This will raise your vibrational frequency and ultimately will bring healing to your mind, emotions and body.
Activities that I post in this group have been designed to do just that. I know some of them may feel weird or uncomfortable for you, but just stick with me. The more you do them, the more you will feel your vibrational frequency shifting towards lighter, positive, higher vibrational energy.
I hope all of this made sense, I know it’s a lot of information to take in at once. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.
Happy Healing!