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Heal Your Teeth Naturally

I don’t know about you, but when I discovered that we are capable of remineralizing our teeth to HEAL CAVITIES….. I was completely mind blown.

When you think about it, it makes so much sense. If we break a bone, our body is able to repair the bone. Our teeth are the same.. with proper care and nutrition, we can reverse tooth decay and gum disease.

In this post, you will find my daily routine for healing my teeth + links to all of the resources (I may earn a small commission on some of them) Simply click on the underlined words to go to the links.

My #1 favorite resource where you can learn all about healing your teeth yourself, is How to Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel. This book explains how to repair your teeth naturally through diet, nutrition supplementation and oral hygiene.

My Personal Daily Teeth Healing Routine Looks Like This –

First thing every morning, I oil pull.

Oil Pulling is the practice of swishing a mouthful of oil for 20 minutes. There are many different oils you can use, however I prefer this blend by Gurunanda or plain old Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil! The benefit of the Gurunanda blend is that is stays liquid year round, while in the cooler months my coconut oil often gets hard and requires a little chewing before I can swish it. If you are sensitive to textures, you might not enjoy that very much.

After I oil pull, I spit my oil out in the trash can. This is very important as oil can build up in your sink pipes over time and cause issues. Then I rinse my mouth with warm water and a pinch of Himalayan salt. This helps rinse away any of the remaining toxins that the oil just helped pull out.

Next, I scrape my tongue with my copper tongue scraper.

Oil Pulling and Tongue Scraping are both Ayurvedic practices for oral hygiene that help detoxify the mouth plus reduce bad breath, whiten teeth, prevent cavities and gingivitis.

If you have never heard of either of these practices, I highly suggest researching how magical they can be for your mouth health!

After my breakfast and coffee, I mix up my Regrow. Regrow is a remineralizing tooth powder that gets mixed into yogurt. I know, at first that sounds incredibly strange.. and I was a skeptic too. I have come to love how silky clean and refreshed my teeth and mouth feel after brushing with it. In just a few weeks, my teeth already feel significantly less sensitive than they did before. I have a designated tooth brush just for using this mixture and I try to brush it on three times a day. (check out the reviews for this product because some of them are absolutely incredible and inspiring!!)

When I am traveling or super busy and unable to use the Regrow, I use Boka’s Ela Mint  Remineralizing toothpaste which is also incredible and features nano-hydroxyapatite , which is the mineral that makes up our enamel.

At lunch time, I take my supplements that give my body the ‘building blocks’ it needs to help remineralize my teeth from the inside out. When you read How to Cure Tooth Decay, you will learn more about these and why they are so important.

I currently take:

Cod Liver Oil – I have used Green Pasture Brand and also Carlson brand. The Author of How to Cure Tooth Decay suggests the Green Pasture brand, but I much prefer the taste of the Carlson Brand. It tastes light and lemony, not like fish at all! (which is highly impressive)

Desiccated Liver Pills – The Author of How to Cure Tooth Decay suggests incorporating Liver into your diet, however I have trouble finding it and I have trouble stomaching it… so I settled on this as a valid option for liver intake.

Last but not least, I take Vitamin D every day. This is also a very important building block that our body needs in order to regrow tooth enamel.

After lunch, I brush with my second round of Regrow (I try to brush after each meal so that there is never food sitting on my teeth and this gives the regrow time to sit on my teeth and do its job).

Before bed I use my floss pik as this is the healthiest option to clean between teeth and preserve gum health. Then I brush with my final round of Regrow for the day!

I hope this post was a helpful peak into the daily life of someone actively healing their cavities.

Happy Healing!