Throughout our life, we accumulate trapped emotions that weigh on our mind and body. The Emotion Code is an incredible technique that allows us to identify exactly which emotions are weighing on us and then release them. Releasing trapped emotions has a wide variety of benefits that can range significantly from client to client including mental, emotional and physical relief. For me personally, releasing trapped emotions helped clear up my PTSD symptoms and stop my gallbladder attacks.

Because I find that many people are unclear on exactly what an Emotion Code Sessions involves, I want to explain it all for you. In order to understand how much The Emotion Code can benefit you, there are some important things that you need to understand:

– What Are Trapped Emotions?

– Our Subconscious Mind

– Energy In Our Body

– Muscle Testing

– What To Expect During An Emotion Code Session

It might feel like I’m jumping from topic to topic quickly, but stick with me as I briefly explain each component and then I will explain how they can all work together to bring you maximum wellness!

Trapped Emotions-

Think back to a moment in life where you felt a really strong emotion such as sadness, anger or grief. But in this particular situation, for whatever reason, you didn’t feel like it was appropriate to express this emotion. Maybe you felt embarrassed by your feeling or it occurred in a really inconvenient place. Instead of acknowledging or expressing how you felt, you stuffed that emotion away in your backpack to deal with later.

How often did you go back and clean out the backpack?

Did you ever take the time to go back to each emotion, identify it and release it?
Most likely, you did not.

According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, the average middle-age adult has approximately 300 trapped emotions! That’s a really heavy backpack.

We often hear people talk about how they have or know someone who has “emotional baggage” – but what people often don’t realize is that emotional baggage is even more real than they’ve ever imagined. Each of the trapped emotions that we talked about is a ball of energy that weighs on you (i.e. literal emotional baggage).

These trapped emotions cause blockages in the natural flow of energy through our body. These blockages can cause mental, emotional and physical illness.

The Subconscious Mind-

Did you know that your subconscious mind is like a filing cabinet, storing and organizing everything that it needs to know about your life and your body? On an average day, we only use about 10% of our conscious mind. The majority of our daily activities and reactions are governed by patterns that were trained into our subconscious mind over time. Our subconscious mind knows exactly how well each of our organs is currently functioning and has tucked away many memories that our conscious mind has long “forgotten”.

Energy in our Body-

Now for a moment, imagine your physical body to be a house. Much like electricity runs through the walls of our house, there is an energy current that runs throughout our entire body and it even overflows into the space around our physical body (it is not contained by our skin). This energy current connects to every little piece of who we are; our conscious mind, subconscious mind, emotions, organs, spine, etc. Very similar to the way an electrician can come to our house and test how well the electricity is running through our walls, we can use a technique called Kinesiology (muscle testing) to see how well the energy current is running through our body.

What is Muscle Testing?

Muscle Testing (Kinesiology) allows us to ask the subconscious mind what we need to know to help our body function better. Muscle testing does not hurt. Muscle testing can be performed in many different ways. A person can use muscle testing on their own with a version called sway testing or they can have muscle testing performed on them by another person. In traditional muscle testing, the patient is asked to hold out their arm and resist pressure while being asked specific questions. Very similar to turning a light switch off, the muscles will respond by briefly becoming weak when the energy weakens. Because energy is not limited to the physical body, muscle testing can also be performed on the patient’s behalf without physically touching the patient at all.

Bringing It All Together – What To Expect During An Emotion Code Session-

During an Emotion Code session, I perform muscle testing on my client’s behalf to ask their body what needs to be released in order for them to live an abundant, healthy life. I will always begin each session by asking your permission to connect with you. If you are experiencing a certain pain or illness, we can focus specifically on that issue. My favorite thing about Emotion Code is that unlike traditional counseling, you do not have to talk about your feelings or experiences if you do not want to. I will simply muscle test on your behalf, identify which emotions are affecting you, and clear them from your energy field.

You may experience results as soon as the first session and I find that many of my clients have experienced results by the third session. In this way we are similar to an onion. Each session peels away an outer layer until we get to the deeper issues where the roots of our symptoms are. Sessions can be done in person, over the phone or video chat. It does not matter how far apart our physical bodies are, I can still work with your energy. Remote sessions are very popular as they are incredibly convenient. Sessions last for a maximum of 45 minutes. Sometimes clients express feeling extremely energized or a little bit tired after a session. It is important to drink a lot of water to help your body process all of the energy that we have just rearranged. Clearing a trapped emotion is like removing a splinter. Even when you remove the splinter, the wound is still there for a couple of days. After we remove a trapped emotion, your body will then be able to begin healing the wound on the cellular level in your body.

The Emotion Code is an incredible tool that allows us to understand our emotions, mind and body like we never have before.

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