Conscious Living is one of the greatest superpowers that we have.

The Lotus flower has been significant to me for a long time & is very symbolic of journey to Consciousness. The Lotus is able to bloom from dark, gross, murky water into a beautiful flower.

That symbolism has held so much hope for me over the years and it is a hope that I wish to pass to each and every one of you. I want you to know that you are designed to be able to face the darkness, see it for what it really is, transmute it and bloom out of it. And that’s what I’m here to help you do. That’s what the Conscious Lotus is all about. 🖤


Meet The Creator

Hi! I’m Zara

I’m an Emotion Code Practitioner (Energy Healer), and Reconstruction Guide Who’s Here to Help You be the Hero of Your Own Story by Empowering You to Consciously Reclaim Your Confidence, Your Magic and Your Purpose.

One of My Goals is to Create Communities that are Warm, Welcoming and Safe for People of all Pronouns and Paths of Life. Healing is for Every Human.

I Offer Resources, Inspiration, Support and Guidance as You Dive Into Your Inner World and Rewrite the Script of Your Life.

I am the Creator of the Chakra Magick Oracle Deck, The Conscious Lotus Community Learning Community, Remember Your Magic Course and the Program ‘Reborn’. I enjoy running my online Crystal Shop and Collecting Plants.

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